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Our Product

Based on our pride in quality control system of products and confidence in partners and operation teams, a more generous return policy will be given to customers.

You are free to return of products:

1. You can contact after-sales service center if there is difference in size, color, or you don’t like it. You need to pay returned logistics fee, 10% return fee and return the product within 7 days.

2. Goods returned for non-quality issues must not affect secondary sales and include all accessories, gifts, coupons and invoices.

3. If there are quality problems caused by non-human factors within 24 months after signing, you can request a new product.

4. Return of products is not available for promotional, complimentary, customized products.

Return Policy

We give our customers a more generous return policy based on our pride in the quality control system and confidence in our partners and operation team! You are free to choose to return: 1. If you think your product is too big, too small, there is color difference, or you just don't


Cancel Order

1. Enter the account management center. Click on Member Management. 2. Select "My Order" and click "Delete Order" to cancel the order.


Refund Instructions

The return amount will be arranged within 15 working days after the successful return process. The refund will be automatically returned to your payment account. We return all shipping costs for quality problems, return caused by non-quality problems, shipping costs are not refundable, you also need to pay the return logistics fee and 10% return fee!



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