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Experience Store Delivery

The delivery method refers to the logistics and delivery provided by the experience store (the 7th floor (including the 7th floor) has an automatic elevator that can be transported upstairs free of charge, and each floor above the 7th floor charges 20 yuan transfer fee.

The service is mainly for the city where the experience store has been set up. Customers can choose the service provided by the experience store according to the payment standard. The experience store is responsible for delivery to the designated delivery address and provides professional installation services.

This delivery method is limited to indoor operations and does not include situations where outdoor work is required. If it is not possible to carry it directly through the elevator or stairs, if it needs to be delivered by hoisting, additional outdoor operation costs will be paid according to the market price.

Charge Standard

* Tips: Please check if your pre-ordered items can pass through all doors, hallways, elevators or stairs before ordering.

If the order amount is less than or equal to 5 thousand yuan, 6% of the order amount must be paid;

If the order amount is greater than 5 thousand and less than or equal to 20 thousand yuan, 3% of the order amount must be paid;

If the order amount is more than 20 thousand yuan, free shipping.

Acceptance and Installation

  • About Acceptance

    We remind you that it is best to unpack and inspect the product when the product is delivered. If all parts are present and in good condition, we will ask you to sign on the receipt. If any item is found  damaged, please refuse to sign and take the photo as a return voucher. Once the quality issue of the goods is found at the time of receipt, we will deal with them as soon as possible, as to avoid the troubles caused by damaged goods.

    About Installation

    1. Furniture products provide free installation services, and lamps, paintings, mirrors, and wall decorations do not provide on-site installation services.

    2. The installation service is entrusted to the third party to complete, we are responsible for evaluation and supervision, and the complaint hotline is 4007114663.

    3. Because logistics and installation have entrusted two professional companies, we will arrange logistics and installation as much as possible at the same time.

    4. Installation services are available only in cities with experience stores.