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L'MERI HOME Co.,LTD is located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is four provinces thoroughfare, magical landscapes, and rich cultural history of the national historical and cultural city.
L'MERI HOME is a company with international cultural philosophy and management level of R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the classical civil overall home business. The company has an international R&D design team more than 60 people, production plant more than 600 employees, sales center and management staff of nearly 100 people, the workshop area of 70,000 square meters. In 2004 the company began to implement ERP management software to control all procedures. 
L'MERI HOME adheres to the concepts of putting human first and building a sense of community, and develops the corporate values on the basis of Honest, Discipline, Equality, Thanksgiving.
L'MERI HOME has always commited itself to the concept that Quality Come First. The staffs are always told that quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise.
Our products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, dozens of countries and regions, and the establishment of domestic marketing center in Shanghai, while the registered trademark in the world's major countries, is an international standard home furniture enterprise. These efforts exactly explain our quick rise and sustained prosperity.

  • 1. Corporate Culture of L’MERI HOME:

    Vision of R&D Center: an international home furnishing brand that light up dream of life with art.
    Mission of R&D Center: focus on the customer's mental demands, create and provide valuable European classical civil home furniture for customers.

    Vision of L’MERI HOME: global M2C home furnishing ecosystem network(OUR VISION: Global M2C home furnishing ecosystem network. )
    Mission of L’MERI HOME: Let people from all over the world know about us. Provide the most satisfactory service to people from all over the world timely.

    Vision of Production Center: European classical civil furniture manufacturing benchmarking enterprise with international management level.
    Mission of Production Center: improve employee satisfaction, meet and create customer demands, and achieve a win-win situation for customers, employees, enterprise and society.

  • 2. Core Values of Enterprise:

    HonestHonest--Gives us more sincere communication.
    DisciplineDiscipline--Lends us more initiative attitude.
    EqualityEquality--Guarantees us more harmonious relationship.
    ThanksgivingThanksgiving--Ensures us more beautiful soul.

    Meaning of core values:

    • 1. Honest--Gives us more sincere communication

      First meaning of honest is “truth”: although it is not simple, elegant, fashionable, avant-garde or luxury, but treating people sincerely without exaggerating, deceiving, or fakes is the bottom line of being a human being, which is also the realm we are pursuing.

      Second meaning of honest is “direct”: propound suggestions of possible omissions in operating mechanism of the enterprise on the premise of respecting colleagues, superiors and customers. Propounding suggestions is encouraged since everyone can observe different problems from different aspects even though it may not be complete and accurate. Propounding suggestions must concern with facts and not with individuals. Don’t belittle others, but share ideas that find.

      Third meaning of honest is “frank”: each position will encounter more or less certain obstacles or insufficient ability to deal with problems or work errors in the process of business operations. For the obstacles or hidden difficulties that you encounter, you should be frank, and you can't conceal the confession deliberately, thus creating false expectations for others.

    • 2. Discipline--Lends us more initiative attitude.

      First meaning of discipline is “faithful”: generally speaking, it is “keeping his words, keeping promises”. We must overcome difficulties and strive to fulfill our promises while objective factors change and fulfilling promises becomes more difficult. We are sincerely respectful of this spirit, because this is foundation of being a human being and foundation of a company. On the contrary, we despise unanimously, condemn severely, and resist resolutely those who say nothing, make excuses, and try to get rid of things that have already been promised.

      Second meaning of discipline is “responsible”: generally speaking it is “responsibility” and “dedication”. In terms of “responsibility”, you have the responsibility to remind and tell others that you will be responsible for final consequences when you have not completed matters promised with others. That is to pay full attention to beforehand with a high sense of responsibility to reduce the neglect of mistakes and delays, and then follow the rules to bear agreed consequences strictly. In terms of “dedication”, it is “agreement” formed directly or indirectly by multiple people according to procedures for articles of association, various rules and regulations, job responsibilities, contractual obligations, planned work orders, etc. We must be responsible and accountable in each position and business process. It is necessary to take initiative to participate in the analysis and demonstration and to improve connection mechanism that is not detailed or not reasonable especially when there is unclear or ambiguous in definition of position of position or business process. It is even more necessary to be responsible for the unfinished matters of “agreement” by organizations built by many people. Enterprises value keeping promise and personal responsibility. What we want to uphold and embody is the spirit of contract.

    • 3. Equality--Guarantees us more harmonious relationship.

      First meaning of equality is “equal personality, mutual respect”: although there are great differences between different parties in company scale, administrative level of relationships, such as relationship between enterprise and customer, enterprise and outsourcing processing supporting supplier, enterprise and external investor, strategic partners, enterprises and administrative agencies, and internal enterprise. But in terms of personal dignity, all parties are equal. We reject the attitude of “customer bully” or “shop bully”. Regardless of rich and poor, the dignity of personality is the same.

      Second meaning of equality is “voluntary choice, mutual reciprocity”: in the process of construction of organizational structure and a series of operations, the parties choose voluntarily to make decisions with mutual understanding. They are reciprocal in terms of voluntary choice. Once a decision is made, the agreement must be followed.

    • 4. Thanksgiving--Ensures us more beautiful soul.

      First meaning of thanksgiving is “appreciate”: be grateful to situation and others. There is no life without gift of nature; there is no child without parents; the world will be lonely and dark without love, friendship and family love. We should be grateful for help and support from family, friends and colleagues; be grateful for opportunities given by clients and partners.

      Second meaning of thanksgiving is “repay”: repay the gift of nature, adhering to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection; repay parents, relatives and friends with love; repay corporate colleagues with caring and welfare; repay customers with exquisite and quality products; repay society with love and dedication.

    A company has its own "shape" in terms of organizational structure, venues, etc.; has its own “spirit” in terms of way of doing things or “way” from “A gentleman makes money in a right way”. So-called core concept of enterprise can be said to be the "spirit" of the enterprise and the spiritual creed of enterprise. Core concept of the enterprise should be honored voluntarily by employees and shareholders because the enterprise is composed of employees and shareholders. The most fundamental criterion for doing things is the value goal of pursuing honesty and happiness. Although there is a big gap between the status quo and enterprise ethos, but we know that this style of doing things is worthy of respect and pursuit.