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L’MERI HOME will undertake the requirements related to social responsibility completely in the era of “Internet economy”, deploy work of social responsibility work by combining business characteristics of Internet diversification of L’MERI HOME roundly, and enhance the sense of social responsibility continuously to become an example of fulfilling social responsibility in industry, thus strategic vision of “Building a global M2C home furnishing ecosystem network” can be achieved early.

  • 1、Fulfilling partner responsibilities and building win-win L’MERI HOME

    New situation of win-win development will be created by working together with partners. A strategic sharing mechanism and platform will be built to promote fair competition and industry progress. Commercial corruption and bribery in the procurement process will be eliminated. We will work with suppliers to provide better products and services to customers. Thus, to create a win-win situation in which partners respect, and responsible enterprise.

  • 2、 Fulfilling employee responsibilities and building people-oriented L’MERI HOME

    Happy work and life will be ensured by working with employees. We will continue to improve rights protection organization and system of employees, enrich the forms and channels for employees to participate in democratic management; establish a mechanism for the simultaneous growth of salary with benefits of enterprise, improve income of grassroots employees; help employees with difficulties, care for special groups; broaden path of career development, and promote employee growth. Thus, to create a high efficiency, vitality and happiness L’MERI HOME.

  • 3. Fulfilling customer responsibility and building satisfied L’MERI HOME

    Satisfaction and trust will be won with heart by working with customers. We will abide by national laws and regulations strictly, attach importance to protection of consumers’ rights and interests, improve the quality and safety standards system, and avoid product and service safety incidents and customer complaints with major social impacts; establish innovative mechanisms to improve product service innovation capabilities continuously; upgrade customer relationship management, perfect customer complaint mechanism, and achieve closed-loop solution of complaints. Thus, L’MERI HOME network will become the first choice for customers and consumers.

  • 4. Fulfilling public responsibility and building harmonious L’MERI HOME

    Harmonious development of society will be promoted by working with the public. We will attach great importance to safety production management, continue to increase investment in safety production, and avoid safety production accidents with major social impacts; give back to the society actively, pay taxes in accordance with laws, conduct charitable public welfare and poverty alleviation projects actively; increase investment in energy conservation and environmental protection to avoid major environmental pollution incidents; strengthen communication with the community. Thus, to create safe, caring, green and harmonious L’MERI HOME.