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Our management team is relatively young, with an average age of about 28 years old. Middle and senior management personnel who work in L’MERI HOME have 3, 5 or even 9 years of work experience. The team is full of vigor, united, enterprising, open-minded, pragmatic and diligent. Years of persistence and consistent practice have formed a good brand culture and a benign cultural atmosphere. Simple, transparent, fair, and orderly relationship rules that the enterprise recognizes are recognized by employees and customers. Everyone here lives a happy life, works diligently to make progress. There is no limit to how far employees can go. Core values we advocate and pursue are: honest, discipline, equality, and thanksgiving. We are determined to do our utmost to bring every partner operational ability to keep up with the times and expand horizon.

In mid-October 2016, elites went to Japan to participate in study of “lean management, craftsmanship”

We learned that the essence of Toyota is lean production through inspection of Toyota assembly workshop, TPS dojo, and improvement of TPS. Toyota is still profitable while maintaining its price for more than 10 years because it minimizes costs through lean management. Everyone knows that profit = selling price – cost. Cost must be reduced to make profit while selling price is constant. Cost of raw materials, wages, energy costs, and equipment depreciation should be said to be the same for different companies produce same amount of same product. However, different production modes, for example, inattentive quality control of Company A leads to frequent repairs and consumption of excess materials, uneven production of Company B leads to increase of overtime pay, cause different waste of cost. Improvement and metronomic management must be conducted in order to reduce costs and increase profits. There are two improvements, namely, top-down change and bottom-up revolution. All levels of management, especially the top management must have the determination and perseverance to make changes for whichever improvement. It is necessary to guide and motivate employees effectively and reasonably because employees are accustomed to previous work methods and ways, which are different to change. Therefore, formulation and refinement of normative documents such as work instructions and standard books is the first step in implementation of lean management, and it is also a priority among priorities. Beat refers to the time value in which a piece or a part produced in a few minutes. Production time and running time determine working time. Consistency of beats of each workshop and process is related to the balance and maximization of production efficiency. Just like a bucket, the shortest plank determines the amount of water in the bucket. Five indicators of people, machines, materials, laws and rings involved in lean management, among which indicator of people is ranked first. What kind of talent is the person who are needed by enterprise? The answer is professional person. What is a professional person? First is professional work image, followed by professional work attitude, and finally professional work skills. Professionalism of professional person must be played to make every step perfect.

Tour to Japan of management on 9th October, 2016

This trip has been very meaningful because we are more aware of environmental protection after seeing blue sky and white clouds of foreign countries. Look at the great rivers and mountains of motherland, and our ecological industry has just started. Environmental protection starts from us and starts from me.

Train of “Path to win” of management on 26th -27th March, 2016
L’MERI HOME held a two-day & one-night enterprise management training, with Xiong Fu as main lecture. Participants learned a lot of internal management practices and benefited a lot in the training.

General Manager led employees to participate in outward bound activity on 17th October, 2015

“2015 Autumn Outward-bound Activity” was held by L’MERI HOME in Taiyang Island, Quzhou, Zhejiang on 17th October. General Manager, Mr. Pan, led management of the company to participate in the activity.

Trip to Thailand of management in October, 2015

Activity of “Show talents to welcome Mid-autumn Festival” in 2015

Everyone gave full play to their strong points to perform: cross talk, sketch, magic, dance, allegro, and chorus. Wonderful and numerous programs won cheers and applause of the staff present.

We presented gifts and blessings to foreign employees on Christmas Day 2014.

Cruise trip to South Korea of management in 2014

Outward-bound activity of management to Sanya, Hainan in December, 2013

Training enabled employees to have a significant improvement in their understanding of potential, perseverance in overcoming difficulties, integration of interpersonal and teamwork.

Self-editing, self-directing, self-acting by employees in annual meeting of 2013

Christmas activity in 2012

Autumn outward-bound activity in 2011

Changing the way of communication makes others know how to understand, listen to others, and how to make others more acceptable. Relationship between interests individual and interests of entire team will determine the achievement of objectives directly.