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    • Q: What are the payment methods?
    • A:

      We provide online payment, credit card payment, payment platform payment (Alipay, fast money payment, WeChat payment) and bank counter transfer and remittance. You can also pay by POS machine at the nearest experience store.

    • Q: How many ways of cooperation are there? What kinds of proxy authorization conditions are needed separately?
    • A:

      There are currently three ways of cooperation, namely, cooperative service providers, designated distributors, and micro-distributors. (1) All partners must use the corresponding operating system provided by the company, and have tools to publish or promote company information. (2) Must have a passion for the furniture industry and desire for success and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and recognize and support the corporate culture of L'Meri Home.  Cooperative service provider (1) You need to have certain management capabilities and on-site service installation and maintenance capabilities, and have your own team; (2) In order to ensure the safety of the goods, the company will charge a corresponding margin according to the actual area, so the service provider needs to have certain economic strength.

    • Q: What is the rebate model? How to establish a company-approved service provider, distributor and micro-distributor?
    • A:

      All service providers and distributors enter the company mall through the mobile phone. The company will automatically calculate the rebate amount according to the corresponding cooperation mode, and directly record it into the fixed account. The commission can also be withdrawn. (Note: The withdrawal must be within 45 days after the order is completed, and meet the no-reason return policy. The amount of cash withdrawn each time cannot be less than 300 RMB, and the maximum time that can be withdrawn is five times per month). The company-approved service provider needs to sign the agreement with the company and will be published in the company's service provider directory; the designated distributor is designated by the service provider, as long as the service provider reports to the company for filing; the micro-distributor has restrictions.

    • Q: What is the percentage of the retail price of the distributor's product discount?
    • A:

      All of our distributors' price are subject to the official retail price, and there is no discount (except for the company's promotional activities at the official discount on retail price)

    • Q: Is the service distributor classified?
    • A:

      There is no classification.

    • Q: Can I become an agent to sell your products if I have my own store?
    • A:

      You can sell our products. As long as you have sales channels, we can cooperate, and you can become our cooperative service providers, or you can be designated as a distributor by the cooperative service providers. All the rebates are still calculated in accordance with our cooperative service providers and designated distributor.

    • Q: N/A
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Return Policy

We give our customers a more generous return policy based on our pride in the quality control system and confidence in our partners and operation team! You are free to choose to return: 1. If you think your product is too big, too small, there is color difference, or you just don't


Cancel Order

1. Enter the account management center. Click on Member Management. 2. Select "My Order" and click "Delete Order" to cancel the order.


Refund Instructions

The return amount will be arranged within 15 working days after the successful return process. The refund will be automatically returned to your payment account. We return all shipping costs for quality problems, return caused by non-quality problems, shipping costs are not refundable, you also need to pay the return logistics fee and 10% return fee!



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